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List of trips:


timestamp: 2008.06.26 – 2008.07.25
personnel: kralik
route: Czech Republic » Germany » Switzerland » France » Switzerland » Germany » Austria » Czech Republic
purpose: abricots, but it was too late....

India, South-east Asia, Australia & return 'home' (Singapore, Malaysia & Eastern Europe)

timestamp: 2006.07.07 - 2007.10.06
personnel: kralik, kamil [stayed in australia], veronika [india only]
route: Czech Republic » India » South-east Asia » Australia and back home [by bike]
purpose: see it & try it [india]; make $ in Australia; experience & clear future
report: Na kole i s kolem z Bangkoku přes Kambodžu až do Singapuru

Trip around Europe

timestamp: 2005.07.03 - 2005.08.30
personnel: kralik + mysha [heart]
route: Czech Republic » Scotland » Bulgaria and back home
purpose: strawberry picking in Scotland [earn money]; relax in BG